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Buying Property

Brighouse Wolff form part of Allied Surveyors & Valuers Ltd who specialise in reporting on the value and condition of residential property.

With over 100 Surveyors throughout England and Wales we are able to provide National coverage with local knowledge.


Property Valuation

Many people when buying a property rely on the brief valuation report prepared for the Lender. However, the Mortgage Lenders handbook advises that the valuation report should not be relied upon by the Borrower and you should commission your own more detailed survey.

The reason is that the Lenders valuation is not a survey and is too brief, very superficial and gives inadequate information for the Buyer.

The most popular survey is the RICS Homebuyer Report aimed at providing Buyers with all the basic information they need on condition and value before they commit to purchase.

The report is designed for most modern and Victorian properties and includes comment on all visible sections of the house or flat. It gives a simple traffic light condition rating for elements of the building so that you know what action is needed before you buy, in an easy to understand format.

You also get a market valuation that indicates whether the property you are buying is good value for money plus a reinstatement cost figure for insurance purposes.

We are also able to provide a brief valuation report which is in respect of value only. Reports are formatted for a variety of purposes including Mortgage Security, Taxation, Probate and Family Issues.